Online Sources: Baltimore and the Black Arts Movement

Cover art from a 1980 issue of Chicory magazine
From 1966 until 1983, Enoch Pratt Free Library published Chicory, a literary magazine by Baltimore residents. According to historian Mary Rizzo, Chicory began as a federally funded Great Society program run by Evelyn Levy and Thelma Bell. It sought to give a voice to residents in Baltimore’s poorest neighborhoods and to develop black aesthetics in the arts locally.

Want to know more about this long-overlooked Baltimore arts magazine? View digital copies of all 126 issues in the statewide digital collection database, Digital Maryland: http://collections.digitalmaryland.org/cdm/landingpage/collection/mdcy


100,000 Interlibrary Loans!

Langsdale Library cultivates knowledge creation within members of campus, the Baltimore metropolitan area and beyond. We do this by teaching the skills and insights necessary to navigate the ever-changing information landscape and ensuring access to resources, learning spaces and technology.

Even with access to resources in our collection and the collections of ALL of the University System of Maryland & Affiliated Institutions libraries, which is a vast amount of information, we know that we will not be able to meet the information needs of our scholars and researchers. The biggest library in the world could never meet the information needs of every person.

Librarians recognize this conundrum and offer a free service to our users called Interlibrary Loan.

When our scholars and researchers need information that we do not have, typically a journal article or book, we will go get that information from another library that has it, wherever they are in the world. Langsdale library is also proud to share our collection with libraries anywhere in the world.

One of the behind-the-scenes automation systems librarians utilize at Langsdale Library is called ILLiad. ILLiad helps us to track all of our interlibrary loan transactions. It greatly reduces staff time for processing requests allowing our users access to the information they need quickly, especially journal articles.

Langsdale Library began using ILLiad in the summer 2005. And on February 28th of this year we processed our 100,000th transaction since we started using ILLiad. This is a milestone we are very proud to have achieved.

Thank you to all of our users and library faculty and staff that made this milestone possible!


New Materials at Langsdale!

New Materials at Langsdale!

Did you know that Langsdale Library offers a list of all of our newest materials? We do! Each month we'll post an update letting you know about a few select titles, but there are far too many to mention here so be sure to check out our comprehensive online list. There is an RSS feed to the list, so you can subscribe and be updated when new materials get listed each month.
New Materials at Langsdale:

" 'An award-winning crime reporter describes how two high school honor-roll students used gang connections to loot pharmacies and sell narcotics through delivery drivers using location-based technology and even formed an alliance with the Mexican drug cartel headed by El Chapo,"--NoveList.' "

How to make a spaceship : a band of renegades, an epic race, and the birth of private space flight

"Alone in a spartan black cockpit, test pilot Mike Melvill rocketed toward space. He had eighty seconds to exceed the speed of sound and begin the climb to a target no civilian pilot had ever reached. He might not make it back alive. If he did, he would make history as the world's first commercial astronaut. The spectacle defied reason, the result of a competition dreamed up by entrepreneur Peter Diamandis, whose vision for a new race to space required small teams to do what only the world's largest governments had done before. "


"Michelle Junot has kept notes on her phone for years—what to pick up at the store, work-out logs, prayers, hopes, thoughts on life and death—all the while creating a snapshot of her life with an honesty that only occurs when not paying attention...The everyday is placed side-by-side with the universal, and in doing so, transcends to be more than the sum of its parts."
These are just a few of the many new books, movies, and games at your Langsdale Library. To see the complete listing of new materials check out our list right here! If you want to receive updates when new materials get listed each month, you can subscribe to the list through the RSS feed.


Free textbooks! What's not to like?

As every college student knows, textbooks are expensive!  The game is rigged: publishers are constantly releasing new editions of textbooks with only slight changes to the material, but if you don't buy the overpriced textbook, you're going to have a hard time passing the class.

Wouldn't it be great if textbooks were free and high-quality?  That's the premise behind the open textbook movement.  The Open Textbook Network, a large collection of colleges and universities including Ohio State and Penn State, is at the forefront in promoting the creation and use of open textbooks.  You can browse available textbooks in their Open Textbook Library.  Can't find a textbook that matches up with your class?  If you're a student, ask your professor to consider writing an open textbook for the class.  If you're a professor, consider writing an open textbook for your subject area.  Lots of students will thank you.


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Libraries as Radical Places

In 2016 the Joint Chiefs of Storytime Underground, a collective of children's librarians, stated "Librarianship is not a neutral profession, and libraries are not neutral spaces." This was specifically in response to criticisms of book displays related to the Black Lives Matter movement, but it also highlighted the ongoing role libraries play as champions for social justice, inclusiveness, and equal access.

Libraries haven't always been inclusive spaces (see here and here for examples), so groups like We Need Diverse Books, CritLib,  Radical Librarians Collective, and Que(e)ry Librarians bring awareness to social justice issues.  

A group of librarians created a #LibrariesResist resource list for information professionals and the public to promote "free, unbiased and accessible sharing of all types of information."
Recently, libraries, museums, and cultural and scientific organizations took part in the #DayofFacts Twitter campaign on February 17, to support the *shocking notion* that facts matter.

Are these radical actions? It shouldn't be outrageous or controversial for libraries to be places of learning and provide access to all, regardless of race, age, gender identity, national origin, religion, sexual orientation or disability.


RED Talks: Research Engagement Day

Join Langsdale for RED Talks, an exchange of research and knowledge, highlighting the hard work of faculty and graduate students.

Don't miss this opportunity to learn about and engage with the research efforts of UB faculty and graduate students. RED Talks is an opportunity for faculty and graduate students to share their research with the UB community.

The event will take place Wednesday, Feb. 22. Join us on the 12th floor of the John and Frances Angelos Law Center from 2:30 - 5 p.m. for faculty talks. From 5 - 6 p.m., there will be a reception for everyone. Graduate students will share their research from 6 - 7 p.m.

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